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Sixty thee years ago, my father, JUAN BERNAL VARGAS thought why it could not pick up the field straw for distribution by districts and serve as food for livestock.

In 1960, it begins to pack the straw bales for later sale, and is distributed in the villages and the mountain pastures for cattle and pajuno.

Later, in the 70s, his son JOSÉ BERNAL DÍAZ starts to collaborate with his father  JUAN BERNAL VARGAS, and create together a larger company, with a hydraulic press to reduce the size of the bale to the marketing and export of the same.

In 1975 we began to export straw across Spain, including the Canary Islands.

After the death of his father, in 1996, started the career by founding the company that, nowadays, JOSÉ BERNAL DÍAZ represents as an owner.

About the year 2005, in collaboration with JOSÉ BERNAL DIAZ´S son,  JUAN CARLOS BERNAL ROMERO, begin new projects which are those currently being exporters keep Alfalfa, Hay, Straw, and all kinds of fodder for everyone.

Currently we have high pressure automatic presses and already started exporting wholesale.

The Factory is located in La Campana, Ctra La Campana to Palma del Río km. 4.5 



The Farmer Al Consumed

In the countryside “Sevillana”, men, women and children have been taught for generations to cultivate, harvest and package the raw material of our products.

Historically, our company is distinguished by its capacity and competitiveness in the pressing ofthe same.

The trading volume of our products is 10,000 in six different presentations, meeting all the needsof the market.